The Real Mayor of Hell

Hell's a nice place, in case you've never been. Pretty little walkable tourist town in Michigan. People like to go to Hell. Ride motorcycles to Hell. And Hell tries hard to keep it's hellish image in the news, this week by making a cat the Mayor of Hell. But Hell hath nothing on my Cat from HELL!!! So, if Hell is gonna keep with the tradition of cat mayors, I submit a contender so bristling with cat agency and shredding everything in his path: Keanu Daniels, aka Little Dude, aka Hellcat. Got a few pics of his daily duties which qualify him to dominate hell beneath his murder mittens, like five tiny daggers prepared for whatever comes his way.

Cat from Hell dealing with the drug problemPhoto: @trudidan

Cat from Hell Loves FishingPhoto: @trudidan

Cat from Hell believes in good prostate health, checking Squirrel's nutsPhoto: @trudidan

Cat from Hell is good at getting his point across. Frequently doesn't understand amplified soundPhoto: @trudidan

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