Good Guy Keanu

He's been called 'the internet's boyfriend' for all of the good deeds Keanu Reeves is caught doing as he rides the subway, or pulls over to help stranded motorists while out on his motorcycle. Or in the case of the blockbuster Matrix, that made a gazillion dollars, donating 70% of his salary, a whopping $44M from that flick to Leukemia charities in a singlehanded attempt to cure the disease that his sister struggled with for 8 years. She's cured, and in no small part, due to her brother's largesse. In 2020, the actor auctioned himself off for a "Zoom Date" to continue pipelining money to children's cancer charities. Said Key, "..i have a private foundation that funds a couple of children's hospitals...I don't attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does..." As for the #SadKeanu internet meme, Reeves recently cleared up what he was actually doing sitting alone on a park bench, eyes cast downward pensively. In an interview with CBS's Stephen Colbert, Keanu blew up all the theories about why he was there saying, "..I WAS EATING A SANDWICH"!!! Good Guy Keanu Reeves.