Cuz U Can't Get Enough Foo

There are fewer addictive things less harmful and more fun than a Dave Grohl habit. Which is why I defy all those who claim there's way too much of him at all times. I submit Grunge Jesus is compelling because he's a great drummer, an awesome guitarist, a funny guy on stage, talented writer, a seemingly excellent parental model even to children who aren't his (Nandi) and a generous dude who routinely sponsors a big fab BBQ in Cali. He's been known to operate a mobile kitchen during the worst of California fires for the front line guys. So, if you're gonna hate? Ask yourself, do you hate firefighters too? I didn't think so. Here's the latest Dave Grohl video with the Foo Fighters and actor and Ted Lasso inventor, Jason Sudeikis. BTW WTF Olivia? Who leaves a fun guy like Jason for Harry Stiles.