Where's Wonder Waldoh?

Here's an excuse to stay inside all cozy and not rake leaves or put up Christmas decorations. Watch Wonderwall (Live at Knebworth) it's sooo...Kneb-worth it!! From their show August 10,1996 we have previously unseen footage of the notorious Gallagher Bros somehow tolerating each other's Mommy issues on stage at Knebworth. in the British countryside 30 miles outta London. And while you're at it put a pin in the IT rock doc 'Get Back' on Disney Plus a little later this month. Also feeding our appetite for seeing the band creating the title track "Get Back' while they were waiting for John Lennon to show up. So amazing to see them, getting on as bros despite each Beatle's memory that it was a dark time as they realized they would be breaking up. Peter Jackson told the surviving Beatles, whatever their memory, HE didn't see that. So, he even changed THEIR minds with this important docuseries. Alright, get to the couch pronto. You've got rock docs to watch.