Bret Michaels Under the Bandanna is a Super Nice Guy

i know I've given Bret Michaels guff for awhile about his hats and bandannas, probably because of bad parenting, or jealousy over how positive a guy he always is. Confession is good for the soul, eh? So it's time to eat my words. Bret was at the Steelers game for Monday Night Football being all Bret-ish talking family, back in the days going to football games at 3 Rivers and he always starts by thanking everyone around him for letting him be there. Hats off to him, no pun intended, for his kind words about veterans who powered through bad days in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and overcame the worst of adversity so we could all be whiny bitches back here in the states. Damn You Bret, for being such a nice guy. And Thank You all who've served. We owe you. Big Time.