Up To Their Arses in Alligators

It was a bad choice. The plane was getting old and they stayed up all night celebrating it's last flight. At least that's how the story goes of Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines and his sister Cassie. Killed aboard that plane as the engine failed this day in rock n roll historic tragedies, 1977. As told by the survivors of the flight to Baton Rouge that fateful day in October. Some of the band members freaked out a little hearing the plane's engine sputter, but the pilot assured him he'd switch tanks, surely that was the problem. Except it turned out that the first death in this ill fated mission, was the plane's engine. Artemis Pyle remembers Ronnie Van Zant, snoozing for most of the ride was pissed when everybody started panicking. The plane nosed closer to the trees. The pilot seemed frozen in fear, supposedly aiming for green space, but instead impacting trees and landing in a swamp in Mississippi where, Pyle says, alligators began converging. A day of horror at the height of their careers. Check out the documentary "If I Leave Here Tomorrow".