Offspring Reborn

The Offspring took a few years off. Understatement. They'd been making noise about live albums and follow up projects until 2016, inspired by the opportunity to make some $$ produced a movie soundtrack for "Sharknado 4" starring Gary Busey, Hasslehoff, and Wayne Newton to name a few D listers. Something re awakened the band about the time the pandemic rolled up on us and now they've got that new album "Let the Bad Times Roll' and roll they shall, barring a few incidents with personnel who refused to get vaxed. Overcoming that, they're playing a festival in Florida, so apparently Dexter Holland and Noodles don't entirely care about who sneezes in their direction, with Metallica and Rob Zombie. Then off to Europe. Enjoy their latest, "The Opioid Diaries"...a one better than the "Heroin Diaries"? We shall see.