EVH Day: High School Eddie

On the one year anniversary of Eddie Van Halen's transcending from human to actual Guitar God, here's a little flashback to the show Van Halen performed at their high school in Pasadena. It was discovered just a few years ago by someone who realized there was a recording from the soundboard at that event and released it. Keep in mind, this is teenage Eddie Van Halen. Before they were inked to any record company deals, just rollin' through cover tunes at their high school auditorium. And where DLR's mic sounds is way too treble heavy, Edward cuts through it all slamming into Johnny Winter's 'Rock n Roll Hootchie Koo' like he was born to the blues. They also did a cover of the James Gang's 'Walk Away' and again through the sub par recording equipment in a high school gymnasium when he was still in his teens, EVH was not far enough in their rear-view mirrors, for the old pros Winter and Walsh's comfort. XOXO EVH