Shat Man Says Fave Song is Boho Rhap

In an interview with the Guardian, 90 year old William Shatner, bound for space for the first time after playing the original Captain Kirk, indulged journalists with a trip through his favorite things. Among them, his love of dramatizing his favorite songs. He's done an even trippier than the Beatles version of Lucy In The Skies With Diamonds, which ostensibly was about LSD and Shatner gets us there through his rendition of the song's lyrical jaunt through a garden. He also shouted out they Byrds Mr Tamborine Man as though the Tambo Man was floating away with a frozen look of horror in space. And now, because he's going to space himself, he revealed what his favorite song, band and artist is to the Guardian. The answer would be: Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen and Freddie Mercury. Listen to his incredible rendition of the angst in Boho Rhap. Like you've never heard it before. It'll brighten your day.