Jack The Vinyl Giant

For a guy with a loud guitar, Jack White seems to get spectacular things done, quietly. He's ascended to the heights of rock n' roll stardom without the vulgar posturing on social media of other entertainers in this self obsessed world. His difference seems to be that he has one thing some of the posturers do not: real talent. He can DO flash, but he backs it up with an axe. And he's done good deeds in his hometown without self-aggrandizing hype. Take the Sandlot Game benefitting a Hamtramck Stadium or jumping in to the rescue of the Detroit Masonic way before the pandemic revealed our favorite venue's vulnerabilities. And he created not one, but three record pressing factories. Enjoy the video of him opening the third Third Man Records from a rooftop in London. He's what Detroit's truly talented celebrate in themselves. Being too cool for the hype. Yet somehow it just happens around him. We're proud.