Wooba Gooba With the Green Teeth Lives!!

If you ever have really loved two bands from different eras and then suddenly they cosmically land on the same stage!! Well, that's how exciting it was in Mansfield, Mass Wednesday. The Black Crows were playing one of the last of their 'Shake Your Money Maker' gigs outside of Boston, and who should come crawling up on stage? Boston's Best Party Band legend, Peter Wolf. You recall Detroit was a second home for Geils Band playing 24 gigs at Cobo and 20 gigs at Pine Knob plus other assorted venues before that. They even named one of their best songs after us, the ass kickin Detroit Breakdown. Who hasn't sung along after a few pops with the lyrics, "...Detroit Breakdown..yeah yeah yeah yeah...Motor City Shakedown!!". Peter looks good and holds his own next to the cantankerous Robinson Bros on stage. Take a look at the video and your welcome for the flashback to all of our wasted youth!!!