Snot Rockets Backfire on Marilyn Manson

He's Gross!!! For years Brian Warner has been cultivating his creepy, living nightmare image leading to lurid stories of imprisoning and assaulting various women who were unwary enough to venture into his lair. Lawsuits seem to operate in super slo-mo and those cases are no exception. But one has re-emerged from depositions with some disgusting detail revealed in the affidavit of a New Hampshire photographer who describes Manson looming down at her from the stage as she took pictures in the photo pit of a show she was working for the New Hampshire Union-Leader newspaper. She thinks she's getting an epic close up until he launched a gob also described in the affidavit as a lougie. Who knew that was how lougie was correctly spelled? I didn't. but that particular lung butter bomb spattered on her hand as she held the camera. She was correctly repulsed, but that wasn't the end of it. Manson prowled around on stage during the performance, then returned later, plugged one nostril with a finger and launched what is known as a 'snot rocket' which landed on her full of Manson's hideous nasal secretions. And that was the last straw. She filed suit. He turned himself over to LAPD in lieu of being arrested at home where who knows what is chained in his dungeon. He'll be arraigned in a courtroom in New Hampshire September 2nd, though he and his lougie laden nasal passages are not expected to show up in court. Depending on how grossed out the jury is when this is all said and done, Manson could get a year in prison and a $2,000 fine.