Snot Rocket Blowback For Brian

He's Gross. Of course that's what Marilyn Manson has been striving to achieve his entire career. He's crossed some lines with women and men, accused of imprisoning and torturing unsuspecting girlfriends and once grinding his pelvis on a security guard at a show here in Detroit. But shots fired in New Hampshire now have Brian Warner on the verge of a possible prison sentence. Details of an affidavit were released this week of a lawsuit brought by a photographer for a New Hampshire Paper who caught the shrapnel from a lougee fired at her when Manson loomed over her as she snapped photos of his show in 2019. She wiped the lougee off and proceeded with her job until Manson circled back, one finger poised on a nostril only to fire a projectile from his nose that was legally defined in the affidavit as a 'snot rocket'. Teenage boys are the usual suspects in snot rocket attacks, although few of them reach the court system. But it was the last straw for the photographer and she's suied Manson. He turned himself in to the LAPD last month, possibly to avoid law enforcement picking him up at his abode where God knows what he's got chained in his basement. The arraignment is September 2nd in New Hampshire and Manson and his 'weapon' aren't expected to show their face in court, but the outcome could mean a year in prison and $2000 fine.