Ford's Big Crazy Car Transformation Year

USA Today gives us a great insight into the latest Ford transformations. The Mach E which turned a reborn pony car from the Mustang stable into an EV crossover with what felt like a jet engine. When you hit the pedal it pushes you back in the seat like driving a Corvette, except without the combustion engine snarl. It's a futuristic marvel of sweet styling and rocketship design with the running horse logo. I drove it for two weeks and loved it!! Then Ford throws another toy out there. The Maverick? The 70's alternative to muscle cars for the dad who still wanted to have the sporty car with good gas mileage and space for the kids in back. We thought it was left behind forever til this week when the latest Ford head fake introduced it to us on social media. I love the throwback nameplate on a pickup truck body with all the new accoutrements plus hybrid. New Gen kickass eye candy. Check out the USA Today story here: