Trudi's Weekend in Five Pictures

The iconic Pony Car into the future!!! It started with an invitation to drive the Mach E from Szott Ford in Holly. Of course, the answer was YES!!!!

Meet the EV that changes everything. The Mach E...not just a pretty face. I took it for quite a test drive. Back in time to Ohio for a family rib cookoff in Port Clinton.. Quite the glide...the Mach E has technology with a clean look and creature comforts all while channeling its inner Pony Car for speed. And there are more recharging stations than you'd guess. Even in Port Clinton, the Mc Donalds had a plug-in within 500 feet of my hotel.

If you've ever trekked to Cedar Point by way of Rte 2 you've probably passed this eons old bait shop. Bait, as in fishing bait, don't be confused by it's name.

WILD LIFE!!! Actually, it's quite serene there with many little natural spots for seeing dudes like this guy, waiting for a few choice minnows to swim by.

Memorial Day brats with home-made sweet potato air fries, sweet corn on the grill and Grillo's Pickles on the side. With an icy cold Oberon!!!

Hey Blackberry!! Famous dive bar off of SR 579 along the way. Famous Pizza. Been there possibly with the first settlers of Ohio.

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