What Job Can't Dave Grohl Do?

As a drummer with Nirvana? Dave Grohl drew eyeballs beyond Kurt Cobain to his flailing arms and long mop of hair. As the leader of the Foo Fighters? Dave Grohl was part stand-up comedian, part grunge guitar God wearing that Gibson ES Blueberry Burst axe like a viking would wield a hammer. As a writer? Dave tells compelling tales from the road in an instagram series titled @Davestruestories and has now authored 2 books about his life. As a parent? Dave Grohl now brings his daughter Violet to work. As a master of the BBQ? Dave commands a grill fulla ribs for firefighters and friends alike. As a TV host? Dave pinch hit for Jimmy Kimmel and now is peacocking his insane skillset as the co-host for the other Jimmy..Fallon, on the Tonight Show. He's got great comedic chops, incredible musical instincts and a talent for being ubiquitous in a way that we never seem to get tired of seeing him. If there was no Dave Grohl, the world would assuredly be a very dull place. And YES!! I'm a fangirl ever since seeing the Foo Fighters on a Fan Fly Away Trip to Chicago in 1995.