$10K T Shirt

On this day back in 2011, a pile of cotton fibers made history when it was purchased by some madman in Australia. Who would buy an old concert t-shirt for $10K? Nobody knows, except that he or she lives down under and bought a similar shirt for almost as much right around the same time. Possibly the worlds most famous vintage concert t, it was a 1979 Led Zeppelin Knebworth Backstage Shirt scooped up by the mystery fan from an E-Bay vintage T-shirt store run by Kyle Ermatinger who originally bought it for $123 dollars. Why it's so important to the mystery owner remains secret which leaves it open to reckless speculation. I think it was purchased by New ZealanderTaika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, because who else would have that kind of money for a smallish worn out black t-shirt? He certainly paid dearly for the rights to "Immigrant Song" for 7 figures. Or Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth as something to throw on after he emerges from the ocean after a perfect surf. Again, only a fantasy, because it marries icons of pop culture that I'm heavily invested in. But we will never really know, because whoever that shirt shipped to, has never revealed their identity.