When Pigs Fly

Pigs afloat amid the stacks of the Battersea Power Plant, The Walking Hammers, the Dark Side of the Moon Prism, inflatable teachers and so many of the visually surreal images spanning the evolution of Pink Floyd. That and more is "The Pink Floyd Exhibition-Their Mortal Remains" untethered from its home base in the UK where it was curated by Nick Mason at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for four years, and it is coming to the US. Looks like it's landed in LA for what could be years. Tickets are on sale at https://www.vmmla.com/the-pink-floyd-exhibition/ available now. The visceral impact of Floyd in concert is intense in itself, I remember the Animals Tour in June of '77 in Cleveland where they flew a 737 at Municipal Stadium. Minds were meant to be blown, and holy crap was mine ever. Pretty hard to top having the clearance to get a passenger jet to buzz the venue, but Floyd did it. Of the LA show, Abbey Road engineer Simon Rhodes writes, "Once you take a step to full immersion, coming back is impossible." That's worth 5 hours on a plane to Cali for a re-tap of the adrenaline of The Pink Floyd Exhibition at the Vogue Multicultural Museum.