The New Castle In Town

It's a king sized Castle dwarfing Cinderella's digs across town. Orlando, Florida is now the home of the World's Largest White Castle. Opening it's doors Monday, Slider starved tourists crammed into it's 4500 square feet of sizzling grills to grab their Crave Cases. Orlando's White Castle is the biggest, newest and only one of its kind in the Sunshine State since the 1960's. Hundreds of the Slider deprived showed up in the middle of the night to be at the grand opening. It's come a long way in a hundred years since the first White Castle Slider was fried up at the first fast food chain in the US. As they ramp up the fryers, they hope to keep the doors open 24-hours eventually, but because of overwhelming demand there's a 60 slider limit per order until the frenzy dies down a little bit. If you recall your "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" 60 was the order that Neil Patrick Harris agreed to pay for in exchange for the 'dick move' of stealing the stoners' car and leaving them to fight through rednecks, racists and an escaped cheetah. Great soundtrack with lots of surprises including Heart's "Crazy On You". Would it have worked if Harold and Kumar had gone on a Krispy Kreme run? We'll never know because that was the original stoner's quest, but Krispy Kreme wouldn't give permission for the filmmakers to use their name.