Trudi's Weekend In 5 Pictures

Roadside Beauty

Along one of the many Natural Beauty Roads in Oakland County. Drake Road, amazingly just 500 feet from 275/696 who would ever guess you could go from that never ending slipstream of traffic to a tranquil little spot where ducks are makin' baby ducks. They are BTW and it's adorable!!!

Shed 3 is Shakin'

Downtown Saturday at the Eastern Market. Full Force Fun and Flower Power!!


And Shrooms! Thanks Wheels Listener Ed Orzell from Garden City for the recommendation. (Not that kind of shroom, but still delicious)

Hot Tomato

Cmon man!! It's a tomato. A sexy tomato. Butt a tomato. Why do they grow like this? was a fun day at the Eastern Market!! Everybody was down there

Pretty Pink Petal Pond

Sunday Bike Ride...Pink Petal Pond.!! Michigan is amazing.

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