Trudi's Weekend In 5 Photos

So...That's my Friday Face!! The Weekend AT Last!!! So exciting!

So...Friday excitement took a quick Saturday I was looking up at that dude. Hanging over me like one of the BORG??? Dentist appointment!!! He does good work, but it's hard to like a drill, an ice pick and that blown air in your mouth.

Running on Saturday. Looked up to see these two creeps watching for people to chase. Have I shared how much I hate geese?

Saturday Farmer's Market-Royal Oak. Didja know they've got a band?

Sunday was putting the final touches on a refinishing project. Hard to tell if I did a good job cuz no Before pic, but it took For Evs!! Oh, and it's the project where my hair got caught in the power sander.. So, labor of love.

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