Little did he know this week in 1943, but Albert Hoffman would invent a generation of music called Rock n Roll. Probably oversimplifying it, but in his laboratory in Switzerland, the chemist was toodling around with a wheat fungus, synthesizing it into a beaker which he would then 'accidentally' ingest. That 'accident' dosed him enough to cause him to see 'colors' and 'shapes' so three days later, he went back in for another 'trial'. Boosted up the dose and this time on his way home from the lab on his bicycle, he tripped balls. Since then, April 19th has been recognized the world round as "Bicycle Day". And that's how LSD was invented. The CIA was keenly interested in its effects, or so the movie "Men Who Stare At Goats' would hypothesize. And it was used by a lot of celebs in Hollywood to work out their childhood demons. Anybody who's ever watched Turner Classics has seen Cary Grant. Well guess what? HE TRIPPED. So did Ester Williams and a bunch of people until the government made it a schedule one substance and then it went underground. Where it continued to change the scenery of the 60's. The Beatles tripped and that produced 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' and the images inspired by LSD in 'Yellow Submarine'. Clapton tripped.. Jimi Hendrix did too and Voodoo Chile was a direct result of LSD's creative influences. Not to mention the cultural influences on art, furniture, and literature. Required reading at my school was Hunter S. Thompson's, 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' which I thought was kinda weird, cause it made the entire class wanna get some and try it out. LSD has also persevered until several years ago a whole new set of trials re-discovered it's therapeutic effects on patients with PTSD. So Happy Bicycle Day