Offspring's Offering

Somewhat like the Brood X Cicadas who go dormant for years underground, Dexter Holland flanked by guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman and the rest of Offspring are reemergent after 9 years of lying dormant in LA. But an ear to the ground has found the first track from their new album "Let The Bad Times Roll" a very solid comeback. From the title of the new one, it's not hard to guess where their heads have been. The world going to "hell in a handbasket" as my Old Uncle Des would say, seems a ripe topic for the tunage. Dexter Holland, punk turned much ballyhooed microbiologist was inspired by world leaders who once actually claimed to be 'doing their best', now seemingly stealing a punk ethos by declaring an 'f-it let it burn' mentality. Lots of stress and strife and time trapped between the walls of one's Huntington Beach Studio tends to produce good punk songs, as Offspring's previous works will testify. The first offering is the title track, "Let The Bad Times Roll". The entire album drops April 16th.