Roadies and Getting a Ticket to Party

It started like a 'sure I'll believe it when I see it' mindset. And now? There's Perry Farrell on the gram and twitter boasting that he's been vaccinated and that's his 'ticket to the party'. The party, of course, is concerts returning to stages after what seems like for evs!!! And Lollapallooza is rumored to be ON again this year in Chicago. In fact, is on concert calendars in the other countries where Farrell stages the festival. Joining the chorus for getting vaccinated are a roster of rockers like David Lee Roth (he can't live on the cartoons he draws) showing off his vaccine moment at CVS and The Offspirng who are changing the lyrics of their song " gotta keep em separated.." to ".. you gotta get em vaccinated." I can't wait to get in the way of a needle so I can get back to the shows I'm still holding tickets for, you I assume are in the same state of affairs. So.....what ARE we waiting for. In my case, I'm waiting to be called up off the bench at Ford Field, where I'm hanging on that waiting list. But soon!!

It's also still a thing to keep the roadies on the payrolls, so Metallica, the Foo Fighters, Korn, Rage and a dozen more bands are holding an auction til April 14th for Roadie Relief. check out the inventory at: