Ronnie James Was a Wittle Guy

In a Billboard interview with 'Rock in Roll Insider' Gary Graff, Geezer Butler trippin down memory lane about the bad old days of Black Sabbath as they release the latest batch of re issues. About all living together in LA while working on Vol. 4, doing what Geeze described as buckets of cocaine. To the point of Ozzy hitting a button in the house wondering aloud, "what's this button do?" Unfortunately it was a 'panic button' which apparently was standard wiring in LA area band lairs of the 70's. The button called the police who arrived to the alarm of the boys, mid dance powder binge which was cause for testing out the abilities of Los Angles plumbing. The LAPD, on this occasion, were laid back and just popped by to see that everything was ok without really checking for leftover traces of Sabbath's mountain of cocaine. Hardy Harr Harr...that was a good one chaps, except for the fact that they regretted flushing a pile of Columbia's finest. Geezer's other memory was after Ozzy jetted from Sabbath, leaving them a man short. Which Tony Iommi resolved by bringing a short man to stunt double for the Oz. What he lacked in height Ronnie James Dio made up for in the balls department. Geezer confesses to being the 'Mean Girls of Heavy Metal', but had the good sense to eat their own words after hearing Dio's massive pipes.