The Grammys Wave Off EVH So They Can Get To The Next Dance Number

I stopped expecting the Grammys to be about music back in the 90's when Milli Vanilli were the water cooler scandal of the day after for lip synching their performance. Since then, lip syncing has become the standard because it allows the performers to dance. Ah, yes!!! We must see Dua Lipa in a pink bra and panties because we're all about eyecandy to keep eyeballs on the screens. But breezing past the loss of EVH by putting a scant 15 seconds into the show with others in music who passed away this year seemed like a terrible injustice to music. Eddie was a composer who, okay, didn't dance while he shredded, but has produced decades of music that transcends time and still feels as alive today as it did in the 80's. But since he was strapping on a strat instead of pink panties, or a feather boa, rather than devote a segment of the show with musicians inspired by Van Halen, the Grammys saw fit to throw a 15 second clip up and move on to the next dance number. To be fair, I enjoyed the show opening with Black Pumas and Haim and the Bruno tribute to Little Richard was cool. But a lot of actual musicians stomachs sank and fellow guitarists watched in disbelief as one of the major modern contributors to music was feted in the blink of an eye and gone along with any shred of legitimacy the Grammys had left.