Bands Who Won't Be Back (at least that's what they're sayin now)

The Pandemic is one year old this week and hopefully not going into the terrible twos, vaccines and God willing. Now is the time for alot of re-evaluation of businesses including Rock n Roll. Seemed like the time trapped at home inspired many of our favorite artists to get creative, some who had music ready to go, like AC DC pushed through and put it out there. Then there are the others who have waved the white flag and noped on out. Like The Who's Roger Daltry, who no matter what Pete thinks, is sticking a fork in the idea of new Who music. There may be new songs in Pete's iphone, but Roger says there just is not enough monetary return to produce an album these days so count him out. Roger, apparently taking the reissued "Who Sell Out" from 1963 boxed set, seriously.
David Gilmour checkin' in this week commented that the idea of a Floydian trip? A reunion tour? In his words, "It has run it's course". So ixnay on the inkPay oydFlay. And quibbling with Gene through rock zine articles about whether rock was dead, Paul Stanley declared that it was NOT dead, however the concept of a new KISS album most certainly was. Although he may be chumming the waters for his solo gig, Soul Station to get back on the road and sell some tickets while fans are wondering if KISS will keep it's date in the Fall. Keep in mind, these resignations from rock n roll rarely seem to stick. So, don't worry. Remember Motley Crue quit forever. And now it looks like forever might be a date in the near future. So Rock On!!!