It's A Long Way To The Top Day

For all of you it may just be a Tuesday, but to me????? It's the day that a song that expresses such joy for me, "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll) was conceptualized into a video. Circa 1976: Angus, Malcom, Bon and the rest of the boys piled into the back of a flatbed truck in Melborne, Australia with a band of bagpipers and wailed out the song while being followed by a guy with one of those old 70's style videocams. It's an epic celebration of MFB (My Favorite Band) and the first time that bagpipes have rocked that hard!!! Enjoy it and watch again and again. PS: Just noticed that Bon is blowin' the pipes (or pretending to) and it's either a very smudgy lens, or terrible resolution, but it flippin' rocks so who cares???