5 Things You Should Know for Freezing February

Here's what I've been reading about, if you care. Nasa's Mission Control in Houston will be watching as the JPL lands a remote control Mars Rover on a planet without heat, electricity, or water (although previous rovers would dispute the water thing) from a city built on science and oil riches that has no heat, electricity or water today.
Today in Wheels Rock History, 2004: A security guard settled his court case for sexual assault against Marilyn Manson for grinding up against the back of his head at a show in Detroit in the Summer of 2001. It should be noted that Manson reportedly wrapped his chalky white legs around the guy's neck and proceeded to grind his pelvis into the poor dude's head wearing only a thong. Ewwwwww! Vicky Cornell filing another lawsuit against Soundgarden over how much her stake in the band as Chris' heir, is worth. She alleges the band was offered $16 million for their music catalog, but she was only offered a mere $300K from that alleged deal. And the Peacock network wants to scare the bejesus out of us with a docuseries entitled: Devil in Disguise about John Wayne Gacy. The infamous contractor, clown, killer, football fan. Drops March 25th.