He's Hot, Wet and as it turns out Funky

And I thought January was gonna totally suck!! But then out of no where, Bass Player Magazine, an entity I didn't even know existed, made it all about one of my favorite Super Hero Hotties: Jason Mamoa!!! Dude is seriously my go to instead of tequila to lighten things up because he always seems STOKED about everything. Including the interview where he reveals how amazing it was to have a jam sesh with none other than bassist extraordinaire Les Claypool of Primus. When I first noticed Jason, he was the seemingly built out of a mountain Khal
Drogo from Game of Thrones. Then proved the Trudi-ism that everyone looks better wet as Aquaman. And then to discover he is a student of rock n roll, having taken a few lessons with Les Claypool from Primus. And his choice of song??? A Chili Peppers tune...actually not just any Peppers song, but his version of their supercharged take on Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground'. I mean, to attempt a Flea bassline in itself is proof of his brass nads. Anyway, if you're a subscriber to Bass Player Magazine, shoot me a pic of his bass handling skills. And keep it here at the Trudi Blog for any new Mamoa vibes or Ferndale sightings.