Geddy Lee Pines for the Salad Days with Rush

I thought it was premature when Rush laid down their tools and ended themselves with so much more music to give to the world. So, when I saw the headline Geddy: I miss playing with my Rush buddies, I perked up. Could it be? They'll all call each other and all will be well and I'll get to melt into my seat hearing Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions one last time? But seems Neil Peart (pronounced Pee-ert) is the curmudgeon. Determined to continue doing his thing. And of course, he's probably the world's best rock drummer alive, so....Anyway, I think Geddy is reminiscing while he's on tour with this big Bass book, and since I didn't wanna subject you to the various motley You Tube Hosts talking about Geddy, I thought I'd include the man himself geeking out on his favorite thing to fingerboard: His Basses.