Spencer Graves Show Searches for Leap Day Babies

Leap day babies have the most unusual birthday.

We talked to people who say they have to choose each year whether to celebrate on February 28th or March 1st.

We looked at Facebook to see if we could find anyone who was celebrating a birthday today, and couldn't find anyone. Someone then told us that it's because Facebook doesn't allow people under 13 years old to sign up, so they have to mark their birthday as 2/28 or 3/01.

Spencer and Megan realized that everyone they have heard of with a leap day birthday is always a friend of a friend. And the calls this morning said the same thing! Someone's friend, cousin, or someone they went to school with - but we had to search to find someone.

Finally we found 2 people who are celebrating today! One is turning 10, and 13!

Happy Birthday Leap Day babies!

Is today your birthday? Let us know!

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