Sammy Says He And Eddie Van Halen Should Have Gone To Jail

Sammy Hagar, in one of the new stories he shared on his official YouTube channel, talked about something illegal he and Eddie Van Halen did when they were neighbors in Malibu. He said:

“So one of my favorite memories about anything that happens in a car besides, you know, first time you had sex in a car – that’s a whole other story. But this, on 5150, Eddie Van Halen had a Lamborghini Countach, I have my 512 Ferrari Boxer, Mick Jones, our producer from Foreigner, he had a Corvette he rented.”

Remembering that it happened around ‘Best of Both Worlds,’ (2004) Sammy continued:

“At about 2:00 in the morning, after we finished recording, I think it was ‘Best of Both Worlds’ to be honest with you, and we were all staying in Malibu. Eddie and I lived next door to each other, and Mick Jones had rented a house out there. So we drove back, the three of us up Mulholland Drive, all through the back roads on Highway 1, racing three cars because there was no traffic. We should have been in jail, all right. But we scathed; it was unbelievable. We just raced the whole time like you get somebody on a three abreast on a two lane road. So frigging dangerous, but we did it and we survived it. I’d never do it again, and I don’t recommend it.”

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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