Paul McCartney On Guns N’ Roses Covering His Song !

Paul released it with his band Wings as the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name. Later, GNR made their own version of the track for their 1991 album ‘Use Your Illusion I.’ McCartney shared his thoughts on the band’s cover, saying:

“I thought it was pretty good, actually. I was more amazed that they would actually do it, this young American group.”

He then recalled how his children when his children would proudly tell their schoolmates that their dad wrote ‘Live and Let Die’ and revealed the reaction they received as follows:

“The interesting thing was my kids would go to school, and they would go, ‘My dad wrote that.’ They’d go, ‘No, he didn’t; it was Guns N’ Roses,’ so nobody would ever believe them. For a while, it was just Guns N’ Roses.”

Still, he was happy that Guns N’ Roses recorded it nearly 20 years after he first released it, as the musician further noted:

“I was very happy that they had done it. I always like people doing my songs.”

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