5 Incredable Live Moments of Randy Rhoads

5. “Slick Black Cadillac” (Live 1979)

In this 1979 performance of “Slick Black Cadillac” with Quiet Riot, Rhoads can be seen shredding in red bell bottoms and a comically large bowtie. Tearing up the song with an ominous drone, his guitar is the loudest sound on the stage.

4. Live with Quiet Riot

Riling up the crowd, Rhoads gets up close and personal with this guitar solo. It is a shrieking, but polished display against a sturdy drum beat. There is no stopping him as his solo erupts into his trademark scale work.

3. “I Don’t Know” (Live 1981)

While onstage with Ozzy, few can outshine the Prince of Darkness. But in this 1981 performance of “I Don’t Know,” Rhoads is the show-stopper, providing racing, wailing accompaniment, and then launching into a head-spinning solo.

2. “Mr. Crowley” (Live 1981)

From the same 1981 live show, this performance of the ominous “Mr. Crowley” gets punched up by Rhoad’s impressive rock chops. His screaming solo adds even more treachery to the dread-filled composition.

1. “Over the Mountain” (Live 1982)

This explosive footage finds Rhoads shielded by Ozzy for much of the 1982 show. But his performance during the song “Over the Mountain” doesn’t need to be seen in order to be heard. In fact, his power can be felt. He turns the thundering performance up a notch, giving it his all by way of screaming strings. Just months later, he would be performing for the final time.

Randy Rhoads Honored Posthumously By Hollywood Rockwalk

Photo: Getty Images North America

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