Tim O'Neal, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

Tim O'Neal, CEO of Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

With nearly three decades of experience working in the thrift industry, Tim O’Neal has spent the past 23 years focused on the vision of ending poverty through the power of work.

When O’Neal was brought on with Goodwill of Central Arizona, the organization was in serious financial trouble and at risk of having its membership removed by Goodwill Industries International. O’Neal’s arrival marked a turning point in the 75 year history of the organization, and his leadership was instrumental in keeping the organization running by increasing retail operations by 3000 percent during his tenure as the Vice President of Retail Operations (1999 – 2007).

O’Neal brought a distinct level of professionalism to the retail side of the organization, a characteristic that quickly spread throughout the organization. O’Neal values the time and effort of his team above all else. He knows the successful reach of Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona’s mission is due to the hard work and innovation all team members exhibit every day. O’Neal recognizes talent and feels it is important for the organization to cultivate leadership at all levels. He is most proud of the transparency the nonprofit presents, as well as the workplace culture that regularly earns top marks on “Best Places to Work” rankings.

Goodwill’s founder, Edgar Helms, envisioned providing people in need with the skills and opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency by providing a hand up, not a handout. O’Neal believes wholeheartedly in carrying out this mission to better the lives of everyone in our state. He knows the best way to bring a positive impact to Arizona is to work together, collaborate, and cultivate partnerships with community members, organizations, and leaders.

Tim O’Neal is proud of his team and proud of the positive impact Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona leaves on the local community.

COMPANY WEBSITE: https://www.goodwillaz.org/

CEO LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-o%E2%80%99neal-474980238/

COMPANY FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/GoodwillAZ

COMPANY TWITTER PAGE: http://www.twitter.com/goodwillaz

COMPANY INTSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/goodwillaz

COMPANY LINKEDIN: https://www.facebook.com/GoodwillAZ

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