My New Year's wish for you

This time of year the media loves to bring out the lists of what we've watched, spent our money on, vacationed at and Googled through out the year. A lot of us 47% think this year won't be any better then last year. In 2022 there'll be more people to poll since the population went up by 74 million. I'm sure Netflix is thrilled. My New Year's wish for you is not to look back but to look forward to tomorrow, I mean Jan.1st. Then on Jan 1st look forward to Jan.2nd and so on and so forth. If the last two years have taught us anything it's we don't know what the future holds but if you can enjoy or at least get through the next 48 hours it becomes a lot easier. I'm looking forward to an aspirin and a Gatorade tomorrow. Happy New Year and thanks for rockin' with me!

Christmas background with jack russell dog in party hat.

Photo: Getty Images