The cop who ended the last Beatles concert speaks out

I spent my Thanksgiving weekend with the Beatles thanks to the new documentary "Get Back" on Disney +. One of the highlights of the doc was the rooftop concert. Director Peter Jackson decided to run the event in real time which is exactly what makes this a gift to Beatles fans. I didn't care that I heard the song 'Get Back' three times on the roof, I wanted to see it all. It was the excitement of doing something so unique and the reaction of the people who got to experience it that was captured by running the whole concert uninterrupted. Until of course the cops showed up. Constable Ray Shayler having been in the right (or wrong) place at the right time was on duty when the music began. I thought he exhibited great patience while they clearly were stalling him in the lobby downstairs from the rooftop. It's the moment when after a month of discussions the Beatles must have realized the rooftop was the right decision. Officer Shayler showing up added the right amount of tension to make it a real rock and roll show. The Beatles come off as the innovators they always were by being the first again. Here's his take on what happen that day.