In 25 years only one solo woman has landed the Billboard Rock chart top 10

You may not have heard of Nita Strauss, unless you're a Alice Cooper fan, she's his lead guitarist. You will from now on. She has just landed a top 10 song on the Billboard Rock chart called "Dead Inside". That alone is a big deal but an even bigger accomplishment when you consider that she is the first solo female artist to do that in 25 years. The last one was Melissa Etheridge in 1995. I'm encouraged by the amount of women I'm seeing emerge on the rock stage. Not just lead singers but players like Tonya O'Callaghan who just got hired as Whitesnake's new bass player. I've been in rock radio since the 80's and it's a little lonely out here being a woman. I'm happy to see the next generation of rockers include some sisters in sound. Rock on!

Alice Cooper - Nita Strauss in concert

Photo: Brandon Nagy