Kiss debuts new spirits. Buy it for the bottle or the booze?

You can buy thousands of items with the Kiss logo on it, now drink it too. The band is releasing their 'Drink It Up by Kiss' line of award winning spirits in the U.S. This is totally expected from a band that recorded a song called 'Cold Gin' but even more expected from a band that puts it's name on everything from condoms to caskets. There's 'Detroit Rock City Rum', 'Black Diamond Rum' and of course "Kiss Premium Distilled Cold Gin'. Even though the band says their liquor is top shelf, I'm guessing a lot of these bottles will just sit on a shelf and never opened. The bottles just look cool. Then there's those Kiss collectors who will buy them all just to have them. Either way it's a win for the band. Cheers!

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Photo: Getty Images North America