Ozzy once sprayed me with foam, I hope he can do it again

Ozzy has had an amazing life, even more amazing he's lived through some of it. Although it does seem that he's really had a bad couple of years. An accident on an ATV that almost killed him, a fall in 2019 aggravating the same injury. Then there's the diagnosis of Parkinson's, pneumonia, sepsis and a broken blood vessel in his eye. Ozzy's going in for a second surgery on his neck and spine which was injured in the original accident, which would scare anyone but he's concerned he may never be able to tour again afterwards. I was once in the front row at an Ozzy show when he brought out giant foam guns. I turned my back for one minute to look at the foam hitting the crowd not realizing Ozzy was standing right behind me. He drenched me from head to toe. God that was fun! We'll all be rooting for the Prince of Darkness and hoping to see those foam guns again Ozzy! https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/30/ozzy-osbourne-shares-fears-ahead-of-surgery-on-neck-15512545/

iHeartRadio ICONS With Ozzy Osbourne: In Celebration Of Ordinary Man At The iHeartRadio Theater

Photo: Getty Images North America