Let's go backstage with Kiko

No matter how many times I've been backstage, mostly to introduce bands, I'm always amazed at how much is at work to put on a rock show. Kiko Loureiro is the guitarist for Megadeth who are on tour right now. Kiko took a little time to show us backstage in a new short video. Because it's the days of Covid there are no groupies or 'hanger ons' just working people doing their job. That gives us a clearer look at backstage. Plus Kiko makes it fun by giving us a view before the show and during Lamb of God's performance before Megadeth. I enjoyed the 12 minutes I spent backstage this morning, now on with the show. https://bravewords.com/news/megadeth-guitarist-kiko-loureiro-takes-fans-backstage-in-phoenix-los-angeles-video

Ozzfest 2016

Photo: Getty Images North America