Iron Maiden loving high school principle keeps her job

After a high school principle posted a picture of her Iron Maiden love she was asked to leave her job by some shocked parents. The picture shows her holding up her devil horns in front of a picture of Eddie the beloved Iron Maiden mascot. The parents, 500 of them didn't love it and signed a petition asking for her immediate dismissal. Apparently it was the 666 ("The Number of The Beast") prominently displayed that really set them off. A Satan worshipper for sure.... A counter petition was started, no doubt by other Iron Maiden fans and a few parents with their head screwed on straight, 20,000 people signed that one. The school board wisely made the decision that this metal head could stay, stating that she didn't oversee Christian schools and "music is subjective and we support that both students and staff enjoy a wide variety of genres". On behalf of all metal heads, a Devil Horn salute to you Mrs. Sharon Burns!