Mick Jagger is everywhere with a mask on

If the Rolling Stones are in your town, Mick Jagger might be standing right next to you. Celebrities have to be loving the masks right now because it affords them anonymity. Mick Jagger is certainly making the best of his new found freedom by exploring the cities that the Stones are playing in. Just check out his Twitter page and you'll find him at a bar in North Carolina called the Thirsty Beaver surrounded by clueless drinkers. Just recently in Nashville, Mick posted pictures of him walking the crowded streets un-accosted, crashed a bachelorette party and claims he got up on stage and sang 'Honky Tonk Woman'! O.K. this is just crazy! Mick must be lovin' every minute of it. Keep postin' Mick, we love it too! https://ultimateclassicrock.com/mick-jagger-crashed-nashville-bachelorette-party/

The Rolling Stones: 2021 "No Filter" Tour Opener - St. Louis

Photo: Getty Images North America