Mark Hoppus is now cancer free

Blink-182's guitarist Mark Hoppus made the happy announcement that he is now cancer free. Mark has shared his chemo treatment and struggle with his physical health via social media. He even alerted his followers when he was going for his final results. I will admit I thought that was brave considering it could have gone the other way. I can only imagine that Mark was getting so much support and comfort from his fans and followers that he felt comfortable enough to share the news either way. A friend of mine is battling cancer with chemo and is isolated. She too is sharing her battle on social media. Even though some of her posts are heart wrenching, selfishly I am happy to see her page because I feel like I can be there for her with with my replies. She hasn't stopped so it must comfort her to read the comments and messages from her friends and family. I'm so happy for Mark and I hope his victory gives others hope. Here's to a great big W !

Photo: Getty Images North America