How Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" ended up in The Sopranos

Just like you, I thought it was the lamest ending to a T.V. show ever. I thought something had happened to my signal! But, it did what creator David Chase wanted it to do, get a reaction. He had three songs in mind for the finale. When he brought up Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" his crew immediately reacted all right, with disgust "Oh no! Don't do that! Ugh". Chase thought "that's the one", it also was his favorite. Would that song be as big as it is now without The Sopranos, no one will ever know. One thing for sure, love it or hate it everyone was talking about that song the next day and still are today. With the release of the new Sopranos movie "The Many Saints of Newark" I'm sure David Chase will be asked about it again and again.

Photo: Getty Images