Charlie Watts surprises Neil Peart of Rush, what a great story

I don't know if it's the fact that we've lost both these rock n roll greats but this story out of all I've read over the last couple of days I loved the most. When something so totally unexpected happens the memory seems to burn brighter. Like when Charlie Watts surprised Neil Peart of Rush back stage just as he was about to go on. Neil had his ear plugs in and had no idea for a moment who this gray haired gentleman was who was trying to talk to him just as he was about to walk onstage. Getty Lee recalls Neil's face went from confusion to complete surprise in a matter of seconds. Neil didn't have time to think about what had just happened but did his best not to think about the man standing at the side of the stage watching and how much Charlie and the Rolling Stones had been apart of his life. It goes to show how revered Charlie Watts was to his peers. Read the entire account of the story here

Portrait Of Charlie Watts

Photo: Archive Photos