Ronnie James Dio's biography is finally here

I interviewed Ronnie James Dio once. I was wearing a black leather mini skirt and high heels. Not that I'm tall but all it took were those high heels to put me a foot taller than Ronnie. At first I was uncomfortable and in awe but he was unassuming, gracious and generous when it came to answering questions about his life and career. It truly was one of my favorite interviews ever. At one point he told a story of a ghost they were sure was haunting the castle Black Sabbath was recording in. The tape recorder choose that moment to stop. I started it and it stopped again. We looked at each other and Ronnie said "I must have brought the ghost back with me". We laughed and got the recorded to start once again and finished the interview but I think we both were a little freaked out. Ronnie's autobiography "Rainbow in the Dark" is finally coming out July 27th. I may have dressed in rock garb but Ronnie was rock. He was a kind and talented rock god that deserves to have his story told. I'm so happy that his wife Wendy has kept his legend alive with everything from his cancer charity, to the hologram performance and now his book.

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Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac