Sharon may reboot 'The Osbournes'

I'll never forget the weekend I spent with 'The Osbournes'. I stumbled on a marathon one early Saturday morning before I knew it, It was 3 in the afternoon and I hadn't stopped watching and I wasn't going to! Oh, you were 'binge watching' you're thinking.... it was 20 years ago we didn't know what 'binge watching' was. All I know was I was fascinated by the giant house, the small dogs, the kids using an intercom system to communicate and Ozzy playing with coloring books. I thought I knew Ozzy, I didn't know Ozzy. Now since her departure from 'The Talk' Sharon oh excuse me, SHARON! is thinking about rebooting 'The Osbournes'. I'm not sure it'll have the same impact as the first run, since we now have had our fill of reality T.V. and we can get our celebrities 24/7 on the internet but watching a little Ozzy always makes me smile.