New music or just play the hits? Cheap Trick weighs in

Cheap Trick has a brand new album coming out 'In Another World' , which you can hear on IHeart Radio Friday night. Robin Zander lead singer says the band writes new music mostly for themselves. This is their 20th studio album so obviously they like their own music and it makes them happy. Paul Stanley recently said there was no reason for Kiss to write new music because the fans only wanted to hear the hits. Zander says he understands what Stanley is saying but for Cheap Trick if they stopped writing they'd probably quit. I'm guessing Cheap Trick really likes each other and wants to keep creating music together not just tour to make money. It seems to be the best of both worlds for a classic rock band. Sure I want to hear the hits when I go to a concert but it's also nice to know the band I'm seeing just isn't in it for the $50 I spent on a t-shirt.

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